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Paul Selman's Etangs De Breton French Carp and Catfish Lakes

Eagle Lake and Peters Pool - 12 05 2012


Mirrors: 23lb 10oz, 10lb 6oz, 29lb 11oz, 24lb 7oz, 17lb 5oz, 24lb 2oz, 26lb 4oz, 16lb 1oz, 15lb 11oz.

Commons: 19lb 10oz, 15lb 1oz, 6lb 12oz, 16lb 2oz, 14lb 6oz, 15lb 9oz, 8oz, 16lb.

Grass carp: 21lb (pb).

Wels’ catfish: 13lb 5oz, 7lb 7oz, 46lb 2oz (pb), 37lb 9oz, 7lb 11oz, 41lb 14oz, 10lb 2oz, 11lb 5oz, 32lb 12oz.


Mirrors: 22lb 3oz, 26lb 4oz, 11lb, 23lb 3oz.

Commons: 16lb 3oz, 26lb 12oz (Peters Pool).

Wels’ catfish: 10lb 6oz, 40lb 8oz, 16lb 6oz.

TOTAL WEIGHT: 711lbs 10oz, 37 fish.

Comments: fish were spawning when we arrived! Weather terrible, it rained every day and night! All fish taken on margins around both sides of the lake. We fished every spot and every feature and didn’t ignore open water. Fishmeal boilies (Essential Baits) tipped with pop-ups for almost every catch, however double 20mm boilies took the cats. If it were not for the spawning we would have taken a few thirty plus carp.

Fantastic weeks fishing. Many thanks to Paul and Hazel who once again were fantastic hosts! Food was great as always! See you on Poplars in September!