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Paul Selman's Etangs De Breton French Carp and Catfish Lakes

Eagle Lake and Peters Pool - 07 04 2012

Ben (Eagle)

Mirrors: 22lb 11oz, 28lb 13oz, 18lb 5oz, 36lb (p.b), 26lb, 12lb 1oz.
Commons: 6lb, 19lb 10oz.
Wels’ catfish: 6lb 10oz, 10lb 6oz, 40lb, 48lb 13oz (p.b), 33lb 9oz, 46lb, 19lb 10oz.

Peter (Eagle)

Mirrors: 32lb 7oz, 26lb, 11lb 8oz, 26lb 2oz, 25lb 11oz, 35lb 2oz (p.b.).
Commons: 7lb 6oz, 14lb 2oz.
Wels’ catfish: 36lb.

Kris (Peters Pool)

Mirrors: 18lb 6oz, 23lb, 22lb, 17lb 5oz.
Wels’ catfish: 14lb 2oz plus kitten.

Comments: fished night and day, mainly caught in the day. Fished margins and under overhanging trees. Used Cell and A Force boilies on a snowman rig with yellow Cell and plum pop-ups. Also crunched up a few boilies and mixed with Paul’s pellet for loose feed.
We have had a fantastic time. We’ve been banking and setting new pb’s. The weather was brilliant, a little cold at night but have survived. We wouldn’t have made the week without the fish, we’ve been catching a very good size, some good adrenaline boosters too!
Hope to see you all again very soon, maybe next year!