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Paul Selman's Etangs De Breton French Carp and Catfish Lakes

POPLARS LAKE - 01 05 2010

Andy McHale (regular on Poplars)

Mirrors: 19lbs 4ozs, 18lbs 12ozs, 18lbs 12ozs, 24lbs 12ozs, 25lbs 2ozs, 10lbs, 33lbs 6ozs, 19lbs 2ozs, 21lbs 3ozs, 14lbs 12ozs, 19lbs 14ozs, 30lbs 8ozs, 29lbs 8ozs, 17lbs 10ozs, 18lbs 8ozs, 19lbs 13ozs, 20lbs 12ozs.

Commons: 12lbs 1ozs, 14lbs 12ozs plus two small commons.

Wels' catfish: 27lbs, 16 small cats (all removed to stock pond.)

Comments: was here two weeks ago, testing some other new bait. Arrived this time with another new bait on test. Fishing started slow as the catfish were on the prowl, but managed to sneak a few carp out. The fishing picked up mid-week due to strenuos efforts. Th presentations that worked two weeks ago didn't this time. Always need to keep trying hard. For details of bait used see