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Paul Selman's Etangs De Breton French Carp and Catfish Lakes

ORCHARD LAKE - 01 05 2010

Ollie and Georgina (second visit to lakes)


Commons: 13lbs, 12lbs 5lbs, 18lbs 8ozs, 15lbs.

Mirrors: 10lbs, 11lbs.

Wels' catfish: 32lbs 8ozs, 33lbs 2ozs, 15lbs, 37lbs 8ozs (personal best)

Sturgeon: three to 15lbs 2ozs.


Mirrors: 11lbs, 21lbs, 11lbs, 28lbs (personal best), 21lbs 8ozs.

Wels' catfish: 18lbs, 32lbs 8ozs.

Sturgeon: 13lbs.

Comments: Had a lovely time, thanks! Fished using snowman rig with pop-up pineapple and proactive pineapple, also fished with drilled pellet (the cats love this).

Didn't fish non-stop we tended to bring the rods in between midnight - 2am then put them back out 7.30ish. Also went out for 24 hours leaving the rods out of the lake for that time helped bring on the fishing.

The ducklings hatched whilst we were there, they are so cute and mummys name is Matilda and there were 9 babies. Please look after them for us and keep that pesky buzzard away!